Upon meeting Gary, I was on the fence about hiring another resume writer. However, Gary is very convincing in providing a professional perspective and insights that help to increase my interview chances as well as my online presence. His coaching tips proved to be quite useful to enhance my resume and cover letter. Gary is very encouraging and devoted to preparing you for “the win” with your job search. (Patrice Johnson, Sr. Director of Operations)

"I was pretty down when I first talked with Gary and asked for his help. He recognized this, and during our conversations he not only focused on developing a stronger resume and improving my LinkedIn profile, he also gave me a lot of personal encouragement and support. The timing of connecting with him was very fortunate. I met twice with the next company that I interviewed with, and they made me a great job offer, which I accepted. I have Gary to thank for helping me make this important move that helped me get reemployed, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great career coach!" (Keith Robinson, Fire,Safety and Security Manager)

"After 16 years in my previous position, I turned to Gary for help in navigating the search for new opportunities. After we reviewed my resume and LinkedIn profile I began finding jobs in my field, but all were full-time positions and I wanted to work only part-time. Gary guided me in negotiating with an organization that was interested in me, turning a full-time job into a part-time opportunity. Following his advice, I not only landed the job with part-time hours but also successfully limited my travel into the New York City office to one day a week. Gary provided excellent guidance, and I highly recommend him as a very experienced career coach." (Sherry Rosen - Researcher, Editor, Writer)

"Gary Lande was extremely helpful to me during my transition. We worked together to turn my CV into a first-class resume and LinkedIn profile. Most importantly, he was especially effective in providing advice that was crucial toward helping me choose the best job opportunity as I was fortunate in receiving multiple job offers. As we discussed these opportunities, Gary was very understanding and supportive in advising me step by step through these negotiations to make the decision that was best for me. I feel that I am well on track toward meeting my career goals, and highly recommend Gary to anyone seeking a very experienced and outstanding Career Coach."(John Harkins, Pharmaceutical Executive)

“It was a privilege to work with Gary, who is a highly accomplished, engaged professional and an effective career coach leader. During my initial consultation with Gary, I was impressed not only with his depth of knowledge, but also his genuine caring about people’s success and wanting to help them land their next roles. After working with Gary, I received 2 interviews and 2 offers. My success was through his coaching, which inspired me to gain clarity and focus on my next career steps. His career coaching insights, intuitive skills and wisdom have made me extremely trusting and comfortable with his input and direction. I really appreciated his continuing to provide support throughout the process. I highly recommend Gary’s coaching to everyone.” (Sandra Xu-Jang, Business Analyst)

"I met Gary in a professional healthcare setting where I was employed but not happy. I have two Masters degrees, multiple healthcare certifications and extensive experience in my field, but was working in a job well below my level, and was frustrated by working under a management that did not appreciate me.

"Gary inspired me to think about my ambitions, and that I needed to make a change, but I realized that I could not do that without encouragement and guidance. As I continued talking with him, I learned about his unparalleled professionalism, and perhaps most of all, his sensitivity. During our career coaching sessions, Gary helped me design a contemporary and powerful resume, and a cohesive LinkedIn Profile. I began searching for opportunities, and after only about 6 weeks, I had multiple responses, increased LinkedIn activity and interviews.

"I was hired within 3 months, shortly before COVID-19 hiring freezes went into effect. Most importantly, Gary remained encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process, coaching me through multiple online interviews and negotiations. My new employer is a healthcare organization, which in current challenging times allows me to work remotely, even on my first day at work. I feel that I have found the perfect match thanks to Gary’s experience and knowledge of the hiring process.

"My recommendation to Gary’s services is due to his unquestionable competence, enthusiasm and supportive attitude as a Career Coach." (Joanna Milewska, Healthcare Client Relationship Manager)

"When I first met Gary, I was very worried. My unemployment benefit was running out, I wasn't getting interviews, and I thought I would have to sell my house. I realized that my resume needed upgrading, and asked Gary for his help. Within a few weeks, my new resume started working. I began receiving calls for interviews, and just received an offer from a top Fortune pharmaceutical company. I especially appreciate working with Gary because he helped keep my spirits up when I was down. His support and constant reassurance that I was going to land a job helped get me through this especially difficult period of my life" (Ron Carnicelli, Information Technology)"

"It was a pleasure working with Gary. I especially appreciated his flexibility in scheduling our meeting, and his candor regarding proposed changes to my resume. It was these changes which led to a recruiter reaching out to me to consider an opportunity with their firm. I am very happy because I landed the position, which is an ideal next step in my career" (Laurie Brooks, Attorney at Law)"

"Gary Lande played a key role in helping me land my dream job. I had taken a leap and quit a cushy management job, in an attempt to restart my career as an engineer. I knew I needed help describing the work experience I had in a way that would cause employers to react. Gary was able to bridge this gap for me. His one-on-one coaching and knowledge of the resume tracking system not only boosted the quality of my resume, but also renewed my confidence to continue to pursue an engineering career. Whether it was one-on-one, a phone call, or through email, Gary did not stop collaborating with me until I was proud of what we had created. In the end, I succeeded in changing fields in my career and am happily employed as an Electrical Engineer, something I know I would not have been able to accomplish without Gary’s help." (Nick Pfeiffer, Electrical Engineer)"

“After Gary helped me with my resume and LinkedIn profile, he told me that he'd always be available to talk as I pursued job opportunities. He definitely kept his word, and has been a constant source of support throughout my job search. He is very good to talk with, and has shared a lot of his personal experiences and judgment with me. I highly recommend Gary to anyone seeking professional job search support."
(Randy Dey, Network Engineer)

“I have not had my resume looked at in 25 years, and I decided that it was time to find a neutral person to review. I found Gary who was able to look at my resume, my cover letter and my LinkedIn profile and provide his insightful information and suggestions. It was a pleasure to work with Gary. Not once did I feel that he was critical of the content. He has pleasant demeanor, and very objective viewpoints that enhanced all these tools for me to be able to tackle my future career endeavors."
(Angela Glauberzon, Regulatory Affairs)

“Gary took an immediate personal stake in our work together, investing himself as though he were working with an old friend rather than a completely new contact. He brought his substantial experience to bear as we worked to give some coherence to my own broad set of professional experiences, which I had always highly valued but could never quite articulate in a coherent narrative.

“Leveraging his extensive experience, Gary took a resume that essentially looked like a pile of jumbled laundry and expertly wove it into a rich and genuine tapestry!”
(Matt B., Master Carpentry & Construction Management/Learning Disabled Parent Advocate)

“After meeting with Gary for a few sessions, I feel empowered about my job search and more confident pursuing a role matching my experience and accomplishments. The areas we addressed were exactly what I needed: strengthening the summary section of my resume, enhancing my LinkedIn headline & summary, and formulating a search strategy and approach to networking within my existing network. The guidance that Gary provided was invaluable."
(Eric Guether, IT Application Manager | Project Manager)

“Gary and I met a few months ago at a Professional Service Group of Mercer County meeting in Princeton, New Jersey. I had the opportunity to network with Gary and asked him to be my career coach. Gary has tremendous experience in training and management in the corporate world.

“Gary worked with me to rewrite my resume, using my technical experience and my knowledge as well as my qualifications in Human Resources to highlight my strengths. His professional input has made my resume a better reflection of my accomplishments and accolades. He also helped me to update my LinkedIn profile to be in sync with my resume and professional experience.

“Gary Lande is a natural leader and an awesome coach. He has also introduced me to other groups like the NJ JobSeekers at Trinity Church in Princeton, The Breakfast Club of NJ in East Brunswick, and Whine & Dine Networking Club.

“I highly recommend Gary as a career coach for his dedication, commitment and professionalism in helping people in transition land their dream job.”
(William Poku, Master of Science Degree, Labor and Employment Relations, Magna Cum Laude, Rutgers University)

“Gary Lande is an expert at creating and writing resumes and cover letters. He was extremely helpful in my time of need! He helped me format a professional resume, and provided me with key industry words and data to use throughout my resume so recruiters and employers would be certain to find me. He also helped me with my cover letters and LinkedIn page, giving me excellent advice on what is important to communicate. Gary was very thorough, detail oriented and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I enjoyed working with Gary and would definitely use his services again.”
(Diana Wilf, Home D├ęcor Procurement and Marketing Management)

“Gary helped me out with my resume and cover letter. Gary’s suggestions were up to the mark and very simple to understand. He explained clearly why he is proposing the changes and what kind of impact the changes will have on the recruiting manager. He is highly professional. I was extremely satisfied with his services and highly recommend him to every job seeker.”
(Ashu Srivastava, Vice President, Information Technology)

“Gary and I have known each other for several years. Gary is an exceptional career coach specializing in resume preparation. With his very calm, balanced approach, Gary has been a constant source of support and guidance, providing tremendous value to my job search. Gary has a passion for coaching and helping others. He is a wonderful mentor that offers a deep understanding of career management as a result of his own life experiences. He also generously shares his extraordinary knowledge to others at networking meetings. Gary has exceptional personal and professional integrity. I have enormous respect for Gary and would strongly recommend him to anyone in transition.”
(Cliff Biroc, Financial Analytics Business Consultant)

“After many iterations, I had a resume I thought was perfect (don’t we all!), but Gary gave my 'perfect' resume a quick once over and found quite a few areas that needed improvement. Once he was done, it presented a much clearer picture of my experience and talents. I highly recommend his services, even if your resume is already 'complete'."
(Jody Byram, Mechanical Engineer)

“I had an opportunity to work with Gary to update my (previously) professionally written resume. I was impressed by Gary’s attention to detail, desire to understand the ‘real’ experience behind words and approach to make resume readable and appealing to broader audience – all of which resulted in significant improvements to my resume. Gary brings his extensive professional executive experience and his passion to make difference to his role. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone who is seeking resume coach.”
(Pramod Chivate, IT Executive)

“Working with Gary has made resume development - something I dread doing for myself - manageable and almost fun. He works with you like a true partner in navigating this aspect of the job search.

“Gary has been a supportive and steady presence. He knows how to present your resume and fashion your cover letter to help you get an interview. In my first session with Gary, he pointed out the strengths of my resume and then identified ways to improve it.

“During the same session, he suggested I make what appeared to be a small change on my LinkedIn profile headline. As a result, it caught the eye of a recruiter, and when I returned home a couple of hours later, I had a message from him wanting to speak with me!

“You can count on Gary to improve your resume and other documents essential to your search. And I expect you’ll enjoy working with him too!”
(Cathy Kreyche, Communications Consultant)

“Gary, I want to thank you for your expert help with my resume. It turned out far better than I expected. You did a GREAT job. I sincerely appreciate all your help.”
(Don Fiordelisi, VP and Project Manager)

“Gary is an excellent business coach. He is gifted with positioning a candidate with an excellent resume, professional social media presence as well as preparing for interviews. He is dedicated to helping people land ideal jobs by positioning them to put their best foot forward.”
(Keri Zoumas, Certified Coach)